The Benefits of Home Security Systems

Protecting your home, property, and family is important. However, there are many options which offer homeowners a way to achieve this goal. The use of home security monitoring is one option that can be considered, However, home security systems offer the most benefits. Another option is to have a home security camera system installed. One thing to keep in mind is home alarm systems will offer a variety of benefits to a homeowner.


A home security system is relatively easy to install. Homeowners can choose to do this job themselves or have the work done by a professional. Professional installation will cost a bit more, but you will not have any issues or problems to troubleshoot. If a problem does occur, then the installer will come back and address any issues.

Insurance Discount

Homeowners will typically receive a discount when home alarm systems are installed. Many times the discount for a homeowner will be between 10 percent and 20 percent. The amount of the discount will depend on the insurance company and the discount that is available.


Basic home security systems are able to be installed in almost any area in a home. Many are often in a ceiling, a door, in a window, and even in a wall. You can probably find room for an alarm system even if a home or apartment is small.

Motion Sensors

A home with an obvious alarm system that has motion sensors or other features acts as a deterrent to a would-be burglar. You can have a security system that sends a silent alert to a monitoring company, An alarm may also make a sound that can scare away any intruders. Standard home security systems often have a sign or sticker. These need to be displayed in a window or in front of the house. This will be the best way to deter anyone from thinking about breaking into a home.

Specific Features

Many home alarm systems on the market come with various features. This may include a beep or some other sound that is heard when someone enters a room or comes into the home. Hearing this beep from an alarm is a great way to alert a homeowner when people come and go from the home. The alarm will not go off as the beeping sound is simply an alert.

Recording Video

A homeowner who installs an IP home security system can have the video connect to a DVR to view at a later time. One option is to connect a camera with a motion sensor which will initiate recording when any motion or movement is detected. This is a great way to perform home security monitoring. Another aspect to keep in mind is many IP home security systems can be used with an app for a smartphone or a tablet computer.

Additional Hazards

Various home alarm systems have alerts for many other hazards in a home. This includes alarms, which can make a sound for smoke or fire and even CO2. Another feature that may be included is a carbon monoxide detector. Any home with a wood burning stove will benefit from having this feature.

Home Value

One of the best benefits of installing home alarm systems is increasing the value of a home. One aspect to keep in mind is a buyer will often see the value of an alarm. This will be an option that will not need to be installed at a later time. Another aspect of increased home value is a homeowner can often ask for an increased price when they decide to put their home up for sale.

Easy Operation

Basic home security systems are often simple and easy to operate. Many devices may be activated with a key fob or remote. This means a homeowner can activate and deactivate the alarm when they are in a vehicle or cannot access the main control panel. The best reason to install an alarm system is to achieve peace of mind when a homeowner is at home or away on a vacation.

Lower Crime

One thing about a neighborhood or community is many homes with security systems will mean there is a lowered percentage of crime in an area. This will be a good reason to move into these areas when any move is being planned. However, the best way to determine if any alarm offers the necessary features is to research the options that are available.